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Despite the huge leap from Windows 10 build 11107 to 14251, there have always been some circumstances when the users encounter some sorts of technical glitches. With the introduction of Windows 10 build 14251 for its users, some boot-up errors have caused them to undergo irritating situations.

The issue is said to be prompted in Windows 10 because Microsoft Management Console (MMC) is not working properly in the new build. It pops up an error message “An error has occurred in the script on this page” whenever a user runs any snap-in applications. So what if your computer system keeps on displaying the error message once it develops the error?

Before you follow some unreliable steps and do some inappropriate actions to fix the problem, you should immediately get in touch with third-party Windows 10 technical help service provider that can bring you a quick solution in a real time. Though the problem may confuse you in several ways, it would be somehow challenging for you to find out the real reason if you are a novice user.

Having been working as a third-party support service provider for years, Intelli Atlas Inc. provides a certified Windows technical help solution to every issue that a user may encounter while using Windows 10 OS computer system. With a team of experts, Intelli Atlas leaves no stone unturned while extending its support.

This is why you have an independent technician as a sole source to fetch a real-time tech support for Windows 10 builds 14251. On the other hand, you can also visit Windows 10 technical support page to get help on Windows 10 build 14251 “An error has occurred in the script on this page” if your support subscription is active.

Here are some technical steps that you can use to get the snap-in window in temporary view. But keep in mind – it can be effective until you close the snap-in windows:

  • Press Windows logo on the keyboard and R button simultaneously.
  • Type msc in the Run dialog box.
  • It opens up Services snap-in window that displays the error message.
  • Press the close button and click YES when a pop-up message asks your permission.
  • The Service window turns blank, now you can switch it over to Standard View.

Once you get the Service window in standard view, the issue will disappear but it can no longer be moved out if you close the window. For a permanent solution, dial Windows 10 customer service phone number here for help on how to fix Windows 10 build 14251 error.

While you may find more than one options for technical support, but selecting a particular one randomly can cost you severely. So stay alert while choosing a support service provider. Check every aspect carefully so as to access a right Windows 10 help service.

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