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Since its release on July 29, 2015, Windows® 10 has taken the world by storm with its availability as a free upgrade in 190 countries including Australia. Australian businesses are taking the worldwide release of Windows® 10 as a catalyst for major business changes as they perceive the new OS update as a chance to make superior productivity. A research from Tech Research Asia (TRA) shows that about 75 per cent business people are planning to use the new OS within two years of its launch. On the other hand, about 64 per cent people are likely to go for the new OS within the first year of its release.

The survey indicates that efficiency improvements, enhanced security, and mobile and PC integration are some of the main reasons why 75 per cent people like to adopt the OS for its ability to work across all mobile devices. “This research shows there is a real appetite for change and innovation amongst businesses in Australia, with many indicating that the Windows® 10 system provides a strong platform on which to deliver productivity improvement solutions in the future,” says TRA Director Tim Dillon. “We also believe that the familiarity of Windows® helps makes upgrading so much more palatable for companies,” he added.

Mobile-oriented features of Windows® 10 enables about 38% of businesses to expect an increase in their PCs and 56.5% anticipate an increase in smartphones. On the other hand, about 51% businesses expect an increase in the number of tablets.

Due to heavy usage, Windows® 10 can make Aussies experience the following issues and compel them to look for complete Windows® 10 Support in Australia to overcome the issues of Windows® 10 installation, upgrade, and performance. Aussie businessmen can face huge data loss or challenges in taking instant decisions. These common issues include:

  • Encrypted hard drives don’t upgrade to Windows® 10.
  • Backup and Recovery issues.
  • Cortana not available in all regions.
  • Installation issues of Adobe Flash Player in Windows® 10.
  • Windows® 10 Hello Facial Recognition feature issues.
  • Issues in the Windows® 10 operating system faced by Intel Wireless Display (WIDI) users.
  • After upgrade, computers with 32-bit versions of Windows® 7 or 8.1 drop touchpad function.
  • Upgrade support for devices with low free storage space.

All these issues can hamper the business productivity badly and consume precious time and energy of Aussies. That is why they need to take timely and instant Windows® 10 technical phone support in Australia via a remote technical support service using Windows® helpline or taking timely assistance from a professional and reliable independent technical support company.

Intelli Atlas Inc. is an independent technical support providing company that renders technical assistance for third party brands, products and services. The company offers instant paid technical support in order to help Windows® 10 users resolve all issues amicably and get the best out of their OS in a cost-effective manner.

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